Parent Community

Our vibrant and active parent community helps to create a warm, cooperative atmosphere and sets a positive role model for our students. Parents volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per year in many roles, including committee work, classroom support, grounds and maintenance, and technical support.

Throughout the year, activities for parents and the whole family keep everyone informed and involved.

  • Parent Education nights are offered several times a year, covering various topics related to the Montessori philosophy, classroom materials, and parenting.
  • Parent Observations and Parent-Teacher conferences help to foster a strong bond between home and school.
  • Family Event activities are planned throughout the year to provide opportunities for families to get together outside of school time. Past activities include hayrides, family dances, bowling parties, Parent’s Night Out (with corresponding pizza-pajama party for the children), and an ice cream social.

2015-2016 Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

Cheryl Ellis, President

Odessa Holt, Vice President

David Beauchesne, Treasurer

Melissa Malone, Secretary

Additional Board Members:

Meghan Devinat
Marylee Dixon
Sarah Klump
Meghan Mahoney
Sam O'Connell
Kate Parsons

School Committees

Buildings and Grounds
Tami Ferriauolo & John Hewitt


Community Events
Meghan Devinat

David Beauchesne

Sarah Klump


Strategic Planning
Thomas Klump

Joshua Ellis