Faculty and Staff


Amy Andrews, Head of School

Prior to her role as Head of School, Amy Andrews was a Montessori teacher in our Primary Program for 15 years. She has also served as the Curriculum Coordinator for the Primary and Wee Three programs for seven years and has been instrumental in shaping and aligning the teaching practice in these classrooms. Prior to coming to the OSMS in September 2000 Amy taught at the Bedford Montessori School in Bedford, MA. Amy received a BA in Psychology from Ithaca College and her AMS Early Childhood Credential from the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in NY. In addition to serving at OSMS, Amy is also a teacher at the New England Montessori Teacher Center where she is the Sensorial instructor for adults taking the training to become Montessori teachers. Amy's two daughters attend our school.

Shemaleiah Geremia-Smylie, Office Manager

Montessori Teaching Staff

Amy Healey, Wee Threes Lead Teacher
Amy Healey first joined our school as a teacher in 2003. After spending a few years at home with her family Amy rejoined our teaching staff in 2008. Amy received a BA in English and Communications from Fairfield University. She recieved her AMS Early Childhood Credential and a M.Ed. from New York University/West Side Montessori School-Teacher Education Program.

Betsy Facincani, Primary Lead Teacher
Betsy Facincani began her career at the OSMS as a Teacher Assistant in a Primary classroom. Betsy fell in love with the Montessori philosophy and when a Lead Teacher position became available she went to the New England Montessori Teacher Education Center and received her AMS Early Childhood Credential in 2004. Betsy became a lead teacher in her own classroom in September 2004. Betsy has a BA in English from Tufts University and a Master of Library Science from SUNY-Albany.

Leah Caldwell, Primary Lead Teacher
Leah Caldwell has been involved with the OSMS since 2000 when her daughter started as a three-year old. Through her involvement as a parent Leah became more interested in the philosophy and began her training at the New England Montessori Teacher Education Center in 2005. Leah received her AMS Early Childhood Credential in June 2006 and assumed the Lead Teacher position of her own class the following September. Leah has a BA in French Literature from Boston University. Both of Leah's children graduated from our school.

Brooke Wyman, Primary Lead Teacher
Brooke Wyman began her career at OSMS in 2004 as an intern while completing her Montessori training from the National Center for Montessori Education in Beverly, MA. Her internship in our primary classroom paved the way for Brooke to assume a lead teacher role in 2005 where she served for one year before moving out of state. Brooke returned to OSMS in the summer of 2014. Both of her children now attend the Ocean State Montessori School. Brooke has a BA in Psychology from Western Baptist College in Salem, OR.

Shannon Rita Meehan, Lower Elementary Co-Lead Teacher
Shannon Rita Meehan began her career at OSMS as a Teacher Assistant in the Lower Elementary classroom in 2013. In 2014 she moved into her current role as co-lead teacher. Shannon Rita is in the process of attaining her AMS Elementary I Credential from the Seacosat Center Montessori Program in Stratham, NH. Shannon Rita has a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Rhode Island with concentrations in illustration and graphic design.

Elizabeth Tingle, Lower Elementary Co-Lead Teacher
Elizabeth Tingle joined our Lower Elementary teaching team in 2014. Elizabeth brings with her over 15 years of classroom experience. Elizabeth has a BA in Elementary Education and Psychology from the University of Rhode Island where she was also certifiedto teach grades 1-6. Elizabeth plans to begin working toward her Lower Elementary Montessori Credential in the summer of 2015.

Courtney LeClaire-Conway, Upper Elementary Lead Teacher
Courtney joined our faculty in February 2008 as an assistant in the Lower Elementary classroom and was immediately intrigued by the Montessori method and materials. Courtney has a BA in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College with concentrations in Italian and Design. Courtney completed her Montessori Elementary II Teacher Education Program at Seacoast Center for Montessori Education in July 2010.

After-School Programs

Linda Gobin, Children's Room Lead Teacher
Linda Gobin has been a member of our school for over 20 years. Prior to becoming the lead teacher in the Children's Room, Linda was an assistant in a Montessori Primary classroom. 

Robert Short, Prime Time Lead Teacher
Robert Short joined our After-School Program staff in 2014. Robert
brings his experience as a Field Teacher/Naturalist at the W. Alton Jones
Campus of URI, where he taught hands-on science to student groups visiting W. Alton Jones. Robert, known to the children as Mr. Bob, has a BA from Brown University where he concentrated in Economics. Robert is also a fiction writer and he brings his love of language and storytelling to the classroom.

Additional Staff

Our teaching staff is supported by a wonderful team of dedicated assistants:

Elly Dacosta
Judi Goudreau
Norma Bucci
Cathy Leary
Cheryl Masaroco
Lindsey Poole
Danielle Reynolds