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Pi Day preparation

I walked into the upper elementary classroom this morning and happened upon Ms. Courtney playing her ukelele while she and her students sang Mathematical Pi. Pi day is (of course) 3/14, not today, but the upper el students are readying themselves for the big day. I also happened upon a couple of upper el students working on their memorization of pi. Both students had memorized decimals well into the hundreds (purely voluntarily).

For your enjoyment, here are the lyrics to Mathematical Pi, sung to the tune of, what else, Don McLean’s American Pie. You’ll be humming this all day long!

Best thank you!

This email was received by one of my teachers who shared it with me. It was from a parent thanking the teacher for “all you’ve done” for the student, and included the following:

…right now she’s vacuuming the mess the dog made…because ‘I want to practice for school.’ Yesterday…she swept entire kitchen floor without being asked to ‘practice for school’. :) so thank you for saving me extra chores tonight:)”

It’s a true Montessori moment when a child finds joy in cleaning!

Overheard or seen since the start of school...

A conversation between several upper elementary students that began with the phrase, “when I was a kid…”

A conversation between a Wee Three student and Mrs. Healey…After pushing his way to the head of the line and being told not to push he asked “why not?”

Do you think we’ll see the platypus again?”—asked by a lower elementary student while on the kayak/canoe field trip to Brick Yard Pond.


I overheard this conversation between a couple of Upper Elementary students waiting for their bus…
“I just love this school.”
“It’s better than any school in the universe.”
“Everyone is so nice, even the teachers.”
“Even the principal.”

Reason #5764 why I love my job!

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